1. Asymmetric Neckline

asymmetric neckline kurti for cutting

This neckline can have any variety of neckline designs and is an amalgamation of various designs in one neckline. It may have embroidered borders, button work or patchwork done by the designer or the tailor.

  • One should choose the design as per the bust size.
  • Too much creation on one piece may look over done.
  • Choose the design carefully and ensure that it suits with your outfit.

2. Boat Neckline

kurti neck style, Boat Neckline style black modern kurti for girl

As is evident from the name, this neckline is in the very shape of a boat. The neckline passes by the collarbones and taper towards the shoulders from the back and front.

  • It enhances the shoulders by virtually broadening them.
  • It is good for small busted women.
  • It is not a great choice for broad chested woman as they will look broader.

3. Peter Pan Collar Neckline 

Peter Pan Collar Neckline design in kurti

Very elegant and inspired from the retro culture, the neckline imitates the perfect frock necks featuring a flat collar with rounded points.

  • It is a strictly western neckline and avoid it with salwaars and dupattas.
  • Avoid wearing necklaces or pendants as the neckline may loose its charm.
  • It gives a perfect sweet sixteen look so be ready to look younger.

4. Collared Neckline

collar neck is latest kurti neck design, kurtis with collar

The collar necklines although very popular with the shirts and jackets came into our world of kurtis after the very famous Babli avatar by Rani in Bunty aur Babli!! They became an instant hit after that and have been worn with short Kurtis and Patiala salwaars or dhoti salwaars ever since.

5. Crew Neckline

neckline styles for kurtis, crew neck kurti design

Derived from a round T-shirt neckline, crew neckline is round but very close to the neck as in the case of tshirt. The circumference of the neckline can be embellished or designed as per your choice.

  • This neckline looks perfect if you choose to wear indo-western style.
  • It is a good choice for women with long and slender necks as it accentuates the neckline.
  • It is perfect for women who do not want deep necklines.
  • Try to drape your dupatta in a side drape else the neckline will be hidden.

6. Closed Neckline

kurti neck designs latest, Closed Neck type Georgette kurti

A closed neck was inspired from the traditional Kurta neckline from the men’s collection. It became a great pic for working women and almost shunned the need of a dupatta. It has a ban neck style that may close with buttons, zippers or hooks. Women love to beautify the neckline using designer buttons or embroidery along the ban.

  • This neckline remains very close to the neck .
  • It goes beautiful with a pair of jeans or short Kurtis.
  • We do not recommend dupattas with these as they would ruin the elegance of this neckline!!

7. Cowl Neckline

cowl neck kurti

Cowl necklines came into fashion with the woollen sweaters. Later on Kurtis also adopted the design. The neckline has rounder fabric draped virtually giving an image of a scarf around the neckline.

  • This neckline suits for large busted women as it covers the busts with drapes.
  • It suits small busted women as well as it adds volume.
  • This neckline accentuates the bust and neck area so make sure you wear minimal jewellery.

8. Decolletage/Notch Neckline

Decolletage or Notch Neckline

Decolletage means the area above torso of a woman. It mainly comprises of her bust, shoulders and the neckline. This neckline mainly gets its name as it reveals the cleavage and greater part of the neck. These can range from deep plunges to normal as per your comfort and choice.

9. Halter Neckline

halter neck kurta designs

very elegant style in the outfits, this neckline shows off the shoulders and meets at the back of the shoulders through spaghetti straps that are tied or stitched at the back of the neck. The half way or even fully covered.

  • Avoid wearing a dupatta with this one to flatter it the most.
  • This accentuates your shoulders entirely.
  • To get more elegance, tie your hair up.
  • Choose strapless bras or transparent straps while wearing this neckline.

10. High Collar Neckline

dress neckline style names, High Collar Neckline kurti

Taking the collared neckline to a next level, you can try a high collar to get a western tinge in your Kurti. The collar has a perfect ban with a V or a U plunge that you can design with hooks or buttons. The ban can be embroidered and made prominent as well.

  • It looks good on women with long necks.
  • Women with short necks must avoid it as it will hide the neck part.
  • You will rock the neckline with a tight pair of jeans or leggings.

11. High Neckline

neck style for kurta, High Necks pattern in long chudidar kurti

Originally high necks were famous for the winter outfits but since the woollen industry got into kurtis as well, these paved their ways to this outfit as well.

  • The neckline is high up the neck and is definitely not a good pick for summers.
  • Women with any body can select these.
  • Women with short necks should never try these as the neck would completely be hidden.
  • It looks incredible on women with long necks.

12. Illusion Neckline

neck style for kurti, Illusion Necklines kurti

This neckline has a transparent panel or lace attached to the bodice part of the dress or the kurti that covers the shoulders and the collarbones forming an illusion of the neckline.

  • It looks extremely sensuous and sexy.
  • You must choose right bra as the illusion is often made up of sheer fabrics.
  • It must not be worn by heavy busted women.

13. Jewel Neckline

neck style for dress, Jewel Neckline kurti

Very similar to the round neckline, jewel neckline has the round neckline with a lot of embellishments and embroidery along the neckline that almost covers the collarbones and extends to the bust. It appears as if you are wearing a whole lot of jewels around your neck like the Egyptian pharaohs, hence the name.

  • It is best suited for women with large busts as it hides the volume.
  • You must drape a side dupatta to fully flatter your neckline.
  • A neckpiece is a complete No No with this one!!

14. Keyhole Neckline


One of the sensuous picks, this neckline is in the shape of a keyhole. These are similar to halter necks, just the neckline converges at the center forming a hole at the center just below the collarbones.

  • This is a very distinct style and is worn infrequently.
  • It is a very unique style and gets all the attention at your neckline.
  • It is a good pick for women with elegant tender necks.
  • You can use buttons and sequins to further design the neckline.

15. Off Shoulder Neckline


Also known as Carmen neckline, these necklines are like boat necklines, lower than the shoulders and the collarbones. These may also pass under the arms.

16. One shoulder Neckline


This neckline cuts across the shoulder diagonally or linearly, showing off one shoulder.

  • This neckline accentuates the shoulders and collarbones.
  • Women with broad shoulders must avoid these.
  • You can accessorise as much as you can and wear prominent neck pieces.

17. Pentagon Neckline

neck designs for kurtis and suits, Kangana Ranaut style Pentagon Neck Anarkali Salwar Suit

The neckline is a deep one in the shape of a pentagon.

  • It comes in the deep neckline categories.
  • You must pair up the outfit traditionally with a dupatta with this one.
  • It is a good pick if you want to flatter your cleavage.
  • Small busted woman must avoid this as it would make them look flat chested.

18. Portrait Neckline


Pick this up only if fits right on your bust. This neckline is also known as the Portrait Collar. It gets its name from the way it frames the collarbone like a portrait. It can have sleeves or straps resting on the shoulder blades.

  • It shows a huge amount of the area above the bust and comes in the deep necklines.
  • It accentuates the collarbones and broadens the shoulders.
  • Broad shoulder women must avoid this neckline.
  • We recommend you to take extra check while choosing these as skinny women might have it hanging loose.

19. Queen Anne With A Scoop Neckline

indian suits neck designs

Queen Anne neckline tends to show some skin and cleavage. It has a pentagon or a V scoop neckline at the same time provides ample coverage for the support under your dress or kurti. It is very popular with bridal gowns.

  • It shows an ample amount of the chest area.
  • You need to be very careful with the inner wear you choose.
  • This neckline broadens the shoulders and brings extra attention to the upper torso.

20. Mandarin Neckline


if you love collar neckline, then you would definitely prefer mandarin collar neck in your kurti. This neckline is derived from the mandarin collar very popular with the shirts and collars. It has a short folded stand-up collar. It rises up to your neckline.

  • It is a good pick for high-necked women.
  • This neckline goes great with jeans and leggings.

21. Raglan Neckline

divina-orange-raglan-neckline-kurta, Types of Necklines for Kurti


The neckline is basically a variation from the raglan sleeve. The neckline has the underarm fabric extended to the neckline and has an additional fabric that goes around the neck to form the neckline. Usually this neckline is picked for sleeveless kurtis.

  • This neckline bares the shoulder area so choose the right bra.
  • It broadens the shoulder line a lot and accentuates the collar bones.

22. Round Neckline

Round Necklines Red Akankali Modern Kurti, kurti salwar neck designs

Round neck is one of the most popular necklines suiting almost all women with all body shapes and sizes. Round necks look great for a casual outing. If you want to wear a kurti with a salwaar, the round neck would accentuate the whole look with a beautiful dupatta.

23. Scoop Neckline

Deepika Padukone in Scoop Neckline type Anarkali Kurti, ladies kurti neck designs

Scoop neckline basically gets its name from the shape of an ice-cream scoop and it increases oomph factor of your attire. It is oval or round with a deeper curve. Choose a perfect deep plunge bra when wearing this neckline.

  • This neckline looks good for timid girls as it broadens the shoulders.
  • Women with very heavy bust size must avoid if they do not want to flatter their cleavage.
  • It helps flattering the shoulder bones, so you can accessorise with a prominent necklace.

24. Square Neckline


Square neckline has straight cuts in the form of a square. Square neck design is best casual choice to wear a kurti on jeans.

  • Women with larger busts would look just perfect with one of these.
  • Women who have very short necks must go for this style as it elongates the neckline.
  • This neckline broadens the shoulders virtually.

25. Spaghetti Neckline

Shruti Haasan in Spaghetti Neckline Style Kurti

Inspired from the spaghetti tops, this neckline has the usual U or V plunge with spaghetti straps attached.

  • It shows an ample amount of shoulders and collarbones.
  • One must have well toned shoulders to rock this one off.
  • It gives the perfect fusion of indo-western style.

26. Strapless Neckline


Adding an aura of extreme western styles, you can go for a strapless neckline and show your well toned shoulder and collarbones with a statement.

The neckline can vary in a Straight across neckline or a slightly curved neckline to a sweetheart cut.

  • It accentuates the shoulder line and given an ample skin show.
  • Heavy chested women must avoid this as it will amplify your bosom.

27. Surplice Neckline

Surplice Neckline kurti

Surplice is a neckline that forms a front closure with two garments seaming in the middle of the chest or diagonally at one side. The closure seam is often embellished with ghunghuroos or latkans.

  • This neckline not only brings colours to the neck but also accentuates the bust.
  • Very heavy busted women must avoid this neckline.

28. Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline Black simple KurtiThis neckline is in the shape of an inverted heart and looks very beautiful with suits and blouse.

  • This neckline suits all the bust sizes.
  • It suits all the body types.
  • Very similar to V necklines, this one is the best if you want to show off your neck piece.

29. U Neckline

18fire U Neckline style Kurti, ladies kurta neck patterns and designs

Creating a perfect U shape at the neck, these can give varied ranges from a simple U to a very deep plunge U.

  • Girls with very long necks must avoid U necks, as necks appear to be longer in these.
  • It goes well with both large and small bust size.

30. V Neckline

V Neckline Style Orange Kurti for simple look, cotton kurti neck designs

Creating a perfect V shape at the neck, these can give varied ranges from a simple V to a very deep plunge V.

  • Girls with very long necks must avoid U and v necks, as necks appear to be longer in these.
  • It goes well with both large and small bust size.