Happy hour is, dare I say, the happiest hour (or two, or three) of the week so why not make your happy hour outfit just as fun too! Not only is it the best opportunity to catch up with friends on some wine, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to express your style in the middle of the week. Or at the beginning of the week. Because let’s be honest, Mondays are hard so happy hour is a must on particularly bad ones.


For many, a happy hour outfit is hard to pull off. Since happy hour often happens right after work, you want an easy transition into a relaxed outfit without having to change or running home first. You also want to feel a little more relaxed than you in your work attire. So here are my suggestions for the pieces that will totally nail your happy hour outfit!


A stand-out piece of your favorite jewelry is the perfect touch for an after-work look. It will add some pizzazz to your look, and will make you look as excited as you feel! A bright dangly earring or a large necklace is the perfect touch, plus you can bring it with you and put it on while you’re on your way to the bar!


Obviously, a bold night-time lip color instantly makes any look go from day to night. A dark red lip is my go-to. And it’s easy to bring with you. Just bring it in your bag and put some on before you leave the office. No matter what you’re wearing, a dark red lip is a fun addition and will feel very evening.


You know I’m obsessed with for many reasons, but they’re a great transitional choice for a happy hour outfit because, with just a few changes in jewelry and makeup, it can look super elegant and basically red-carpet ready in no time. Also, jumpsuits are sooo comfortable, so you’ll feel relaxed all night while looking absolutely fabulous with a cocktail in hand!